False perma ban

  • Hi,

    I've been perma banned from Mirage Retakes. I've been playing on that server for more than 6 months every other day. The ban description said that I have a VAC ban 6 days ago and I'm smurfing. I'm not smurfing nor do I have a VAC ban. I'm clean and have 200€ inv and 1.1k hrs. Not a lot, but the point is that I'm legit and nothing from the ban description is correct.

    yonD :)

  • Yes, I did. He took two accounts from my friendslist and said theyre mine. That doesnt make any sens. You just cant take two random accs and say they belong to me. Theyre from different country and I can show faceit games, where weve been in queue together. I played with that guy, but those are NOT my accounts. Do you want me to send you links to those faceit games?

  • You even deleted the Accounts that, accordingly to you, not belong to you from your FL, not even obvious mh?

    You shared names that dont appear often and exactly the same way at around the same dates. Name was: < blank >

    My analyzer searches for exact matches, so < and the whitespaces are neccesary to match you to the other.

    Your VAC Smurf gets banned and from that point on you improved your skill from 3 to 9k with session times less than ever.

    And now youre saying you played games with that account via FaceIT and its your friend, but you delete him as you request an unban AND dont even have him friended on FaceIT? https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Jokker9811

    And then i checked ~25 Games of his 33 Games and youre to be found nowhere.

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