Unban Request

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    • I am Unsure how well this will translate to german because i am an american using google translate to figure out what half of the content on the page means. i recently acquired this account and it has a vac ban for counter strike Source and i was okay with this when i bought the account from a friend of mine. i bought it fully expecting to only be able to play on a few servers that are vac insecure most of them being GG-elite Servers. although to my surprise i was banned from all of them i looked through the bans and it said the account was banned due to "SMAC Eye Test Violation" (yes i did copy and paste that). i was wondering if there would be any way that i may get my accounts ban reversed in some way. the account was first banned on 29/04/2018.

      Account link:steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198274137327
      Account Steam I.D.: STEAM_0:1:156935799
      Please contact me Via Email due to my phone being broke and i cant access discord. [email protected]