Please Unban me

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  • Please Unban me

    My account was banned a while ago as I was allowing my friend to use my CSGO and CSS because he never played it and he wanted to try it. I did not know that he was going to cheat and get both of my accounts VAC banned. I tried to enter your servers a few hours ago because you guys offer gun game and casual servers that aren't VAC protected and I wanted to play them. As I tried to join it said that my account had been banned and that I needed to visit your site. I am requesting an unban under the circumstances that I no longer let that person use my account for anything and he no longer has access to my account. That ensures that if I do receive an unban, this account will show no reason to have to be banned again. Please understand the trouble that I had gone through and take into consideration the joy and fun I would have on your servers. Thank you :)

    (PS: My steam name for the account that was banned was called Josh Lower Was Here and the account name is Circular_Scopes)