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  • Hi, I'm RuBBI0>>>>>>.

    Is for "the|Gamer", because with him I had the problem and with it I want to solve it. Even if it is not solved, I would like
    expose my reasons that did not let me explain at the time.

    I had 3 bans, the bans is from 1 year ago.
    One for insulting "opium" without insulting me, I was angry for other players who insulted me and I paid with "Opium". I admitted it.
    Another one because "the|Gamer" look me killing players using smoke bug, I admitted it and told him it was a bug, you did not solve it, and on the page of ban it goes like I did not explain, I explained the reason. I told you that "smoke" player killed me hundreds of times through the smoke, and you did not listen to me you only: is good player.
    And the last ban of wallhack when he was not use. Bots are almost always placed in the same places. Many players also, for example, the "smoke" player is always put in the terrorist's respaw box. "Wolfman", always put in the tower of A long. "kms bundle", always in the dark new de_dust_unlimited. I had the bug "ERROR" in red for players. And I benefited from it like other players.
    My brother also told me some positions. What I have clear is that in my pc I did not put anything. I had the all community against me all time.
    They did not want to die 100 times in the respawn. you neither. That made rage in all players.
    Do what you see fit, but I am defamed by with wallhack and not use.
  • Ha VAC Ban hat er auch ohne cheats bekommen.
    Für mich bleibt's ein Spinner, der brauch kein unban
  • Thanks for answering.

    I also have other games without VAC Ban.
    It is also an old account.
    I also bought other games after ban, what cheater would do that? I'm claiming, but the support as always gives pity.

    That should not influence since it's a problem with steam, not with your server. I should value what I did on your server, not others.

    If something is not understood I'm sorry, my English is bad.

    If I asked you to be your, it's because you've seen me play for months. Me playing all time "rush", I do not like static play.

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  • This boy or girl is a rim, Nor do you know if this account had another owner, if I bought it that way, nothing. You speak and insure without knowing and mix things that do not make sense, you talk about vac and you have many friends with vac in your steam account. You speak of vac and you have many players with vac in your server. it's a pleasure to deal with administrators like this.
    I do not know what the aversion he has got me, maybe he does not want me to kill you friends again and again.
    They had nightmares with the headshot in the respawn. I humiliated everyone, whoever says "No", lies.
    But that is not my problem. You can teach them to play, although seeing your statistics, I do not know if they were going to learn anything.