unban request

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    • unban request

      yo so I've been permabanned yesterday on the bhop server by big admin FlayX because I'm using ((strafe optimizer)), with no actual proof of me cheating. Just because I had some good gains and strafes(i think), and cuz i beat his #1 time and got salty asf He didn't even ban me when I was online, he banned me right after I left. Wonder why? lol. I have a quite big rep on the gmod bhop community, been bhopping for over 3-4 years. And no one ever accused me for cheating on gmod but i think new css players cant acknowledge an old player. If I have any way to prove that I'm legit, I will do. Big shoutout to the ones who told him on the server that I'm legit, but that still didn't change his mind.

    • hey yo

      im still suspect ur "cheating" but i give a 2nd chance i hope i dont regret it

      i dont care if anyone beat my time

      btw little tipp set ur "game detail" in your privacy settings to public
      Im out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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