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    hey bro, console banned me again when u said that im unbanned i still could not join so i tried it on another acc, can u please unban me somehow? would appreciate so much

    if u cant, we make fun of each other even on teamspeak even in the game, again saying that i can send u prove that we are on teamspeak and we are playing on your retakes everyday during school and in free time (6 teammates, include me) this picture seems like i should get muteban for that even if these are my friends, but nevermind. or just ban for a week and ill stop, just if somebody warned me to dont do that, i wont do that again, thats the same like i wont do it if u will unban me

    Sup, as i said, i was joking wih my boys (friends) everybody that i made fun of is my friend. I can send u prove that we are on teamspeak together and we are just laughing, nothing else. I didnt mean it like it seems like. I appologized, said that i deserve some ban cuz i was not writing in eng/ger, but i cannot do nothing else, so again sorry and would really appreciate if u will unban me/give me ban that can expire. Thanks

    Hey i would like to appologize, that i was writing in czech language, instead of ger/eng. I made fun of my friends (like chirping them in chat) So as i said, i want to appologize and say sorry. But i do not think that perma ban is fair enough, maximum of 3 days is adequate. We always play with friends on gg-elite retakes during school, and these are the only retakes that we play on.We always join gg elite retakes in premmade, so we are like 5 teammates playing on these retakes during school and in free time. Thanks and have a nice day