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    Le E
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    Hello, Admin,

    I just got banned on the retake Yesterday ago by you for no reason, i was just playing chill on the server.

    I have like 200h played on the server and i never get banned so if i was a cheater i don't know why i didn't got banned before.

    Please unban me, i am not a cheater, i'm just chilling on the server, that's all i can do.

    Please unban me.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Sincerely Le E.

  • it's actually not a proof, i'm just not playing with flicks, i'm shooting only when i'm sure that's all, and like you told me, my crosshair placement is good look out the clip you liked me and as you see i have like 200h playing on a retake server for cheat ?

    are you thinking its possible ?

    On the last clip, who is the most intresting, i can explain you, i was not actually playing so i just tried to aim but i miss beacause i was watching my second sceen and saw the guys in the angle of my CSGO screen so it was strange OK. but if you watch all the person who are playing on the retake, you will see, it's pretty current

    Moreover, on those clips, i actually don't see any suspect plays, that's just a simple gameplay with no cheat, as you see an other time, on the clips there is not a hard things to do just some HeadShot and flicks like a normal people, please review your ban,


    So i ask you again, please unban me, i just want to play retake with friends.


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