Unban request from csuklóm hideg mint a fridzsider

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    clip named "c"

    00:23 he plays normalcant hit shitnot even closethen he AFK'sand is somehow aiming empty spaces but flicking?

    00:47 he flicks in shoot animation for a short second to enemyand then right back to where his last position wasWhen he shot the 3rd bullet and had 4 leftf after

    00:50 takes a second to realize?!second shot after that he isnt on him, shot animation starts and theres no aiming path hes just on his headand swaps conveniently back to his old aim position

    then he knows from ninjahes again shooting a second after the peek

    - clip named "wie er ewig auf der brust"

    00:03 he looks again 1sec on him but on the upper bodywhen shot animation starts hes on his headand conveniently again snaps back to old aim poshe got called multiple times djungle and he proceeds to defuse and die

    -- clip named "a"instant flick without mouse movement and instant reaction?:D

    -- clip named "c"u can literally see him correcting with the AWP after he shot and left scoplulwwhich would match his flicking

    4 different playstyles in ~6rounds? Clips were made in order; "a" -> AFK, disconnect and reconnect -> rest of clips beginning with "c", the glock play where u hadnt any signs to be cheating. not flicking around, missing shots etc. but then u went AFK, watched people for 1sec, aimed at empty spaces and flicked people and snapping back to old aim position? srry naaah

    even ur mate said to exactly this text and videos


    Im just get banned for cheating by Peek Achu. He said im obvious, i never used cheats, i play so much on your retake server. How can i proove myself?

    Total Connection Time: 1d 03:37:43h

  • Bro, im a fucking 13 yo kid. I dont have a real life. My life is this game. Just let me proove it im not a cheater. Can you make for me? Btw the afk is a fuckin resolution change. But if you see that. Just see that.

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    I was told the Disconnect and Reconnect was resolution change. And the multiple times AFK between rounds and suddendly playing totally different?xD anyhow, its not on me neither on you. Unfortunately theres no way from your side to proof anything, I made my decision, youve requested unban and so our team decides, i just provided the information ur ban was based on.

  • I have a shit pc. When i change my resolution to a lowery my game get crashed. But i have to proove im not cheating, cause im not cheating. Go discord, i stream my game (i will have 80 fps) but i will stream my game, and you will see, im not cheating

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    Your partly AFK for seconds. Sure u press ESC -> UI -> Crosshair and tweak it in 2seconds when ur PC is so shit u cant even change res without crash? :D anyhow the AFK doesnt prove anything - its the afterwork. AFKing is just another reason, if you have a shitty PC or make some more changes in your Settings maybe think about going into spectator or tweak it before u play.

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